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Friday February 24th 2017

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SaleNavigate collection displays popular sale offers, brands, stores and, coupons collections from entire Sale Community. Guest can view only few of the listings from community user, to view the entire collection it need to login first.

While you are login in to SaleNavigate as a community user, and while surfing for your nearest sale offer, brand, store and coupons, you find best offer you have option to add in to your collection. Your collection is visible to your friends and community till the user is logged in at SaleNavigate.

While you’re logged in to SaleNavigate you under collection navigation it is your personal collection navigates, from that you are able to view your own collections for sale offer, brand, store and coupons.

Also in this section there is nice feature called Wish Box. The Wish Box is collection of items you wish to purchase but not able to find. For such items you have option to add in to Wish Box, so when such item listed in to SaleNavigate it will automatically give Wish Box alert in to your mail box.

Key Feature of Local Shoppers to Join SaleNavigate Community

Creating your Profile Creating your Profile:
Create your local shoppers community profile with just few clicks add your profile image, professional details and your interests such as,  your hobby, your favourite brand and latest fashion trends you like

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Friends local Network Friends local Network:
At SaleNavigate you can easily create local friend network; just add – invite friends from any of your mail list like Gmail, windows live, Yahoo, Aol, Lycos mail,, Fast mail, Icq Mail, Times India mail and Rediffmail. You may import from Outlook Express or from other desktop mail applications As well from famous community sites such as face book. Get friends contacts and mail your short invitation message.  As your friends receive your invitation he will join your friends list. Same way you can access massages from your friend as well from friend of your friend.  You can add mutual friends in your friends list.

You can send message to any of friends and on this way you can make many friends. With friends you can also add images and videos in profile with subject line.

Own Collection and Wish box Own Collection and Wish box:
While surfing SaleNavigate, you will come across many hot sale offerscouponsand popular brand discount sales that you can add in to your collection. It will appear in your profile and as well in profiles of your friends. In case if you are searching for particular brand, product or retails outlet, and you cannot find you can add it in wish box, When item form wish box will be listed in to SaleNavigate; SaleNavigate will quickly mail you.
Get Sale and Offer Alerts on your desktop Get Sale and Offer Alerts on your desktop:
Now you are part of SaleNavigate shoppers community.  You will regularly receive new sale and discount coupons for nearest local and online store. You will also get messages and alerts for sale and offers.
Browse thru SaleNavigate Get the best deal for your favourite brand. It’s completely free..

The Advantages of Marketing Your Retail Business Online

The Advantages of Marketing Your Retail Business OnlineInternet has emerged as robust medium of advertising, marketing and generating sales. Online advertising and sales is cost effective, quicker and higher in reach. A website can reach million of prospective customers against a billboard, or newspaper advertisement. Again the cost of online presence is negligible compare to traditional media. In India too online retailing and purchase is getting momentum day by day. With initial success of attention was attracted towards creating online platform for retail store. Online presence is complementary to your physical store.

However for business owners that have yet to bring their retail business online, it can be a daunting prospect. You will have to recruit a web developer, or appoint an agency; you will have to fulfill orders going all over the world; and you’ll have to ensure that you get enough online customers to cover your costs. While there are certainly lots of things to think about, and lots to do, the results can be very rewarding if you manage to do it right.

And the answer is online listing sites. Online listing sites are easy to use and faster medium to create online platform for your retail business. Listing sites create virtual online store for retailer. A distinct range of product category with detailed descriptions can be enlisted on virtual store. Also store owner can generate sales campaigns, discount offers and festival season sales. It is simple to add or delete products, edit product description, promoting slow moving items or creating a buzz for upcoming launch. Online retailing is way of thing to come for neighborhood retail stores. So go to the site listing local deals, register your store, put your product range and get millions of shoppers browsing thru at your virtual store.

SMS Marketing- Reach your customer instantly

SMS Marketing- Reach your customer instantlySMS marketing is one of the powerful Internet marketing strategies used by companies to attract customers. Sms Marketing is one of the powerful online marketing strategies for your business. Be it a retail outlet or franchisee store, shopping mall or neighborhood shop SMS market will help you to reach thousands of your potential customers at fraction of cost. Sms marketing help companies to have fewer budgets for their marketing campaigns and also have good turn over ratios. Sms marketing is used by most of the companies today for their business online due to its popularity, benefits and advantages.

Benefits of SMS marketing for online retail stores:
Internet Business has been ever competitive with companies globally trying to compete for customers online. In this regard, SMS campaigns have tremendous benefits. Some of the benefits from these campaigns are described below.

Deliverability of messages:
With the help of SMS, consumers and interested customers learn about the latest products,offers and discounts that are promoting from your company directly in their mobiles. Mobile marketing helps in improving company’s productivity and also improve the website traffic for your products. There are more than 90% chances for your customers to read the information which have been sent through Sms. At SaleNavigate we offer comprehensive SMS marketing tools for our customers. Store owner can msg. their offers, discount sales, new arrivals, festive season sales thru sms at fraction of cost.

Enhanced Flexibility
Companies have chances to market their products whenever they want and have flexible options to send directly to their targeted customers. This helps in getting high turn over ratio of customers for your strategic marketing.

Reduced Budgets and Costs for marketing
SMS helps to have more targeting customers than email marketing which is a similar feature to attract customers through sending mails and attracting them to lead capture pages. With so many websites providing bulk SMS, it is very easy to start these campaigns at very less budgets

Multi-Use, Cost-Effective and Less time
It is very easy to create SMS campaigns to targeted customers with fewer budgets. Cost for sending these Sms is also considerably very cheap when compared with other campaigns. More over it is the best cost effective campaign which reaches more customers in less time. Sms campaigns can be used for multiple purposes like discounts, special events, new launches etc.

SMS marketing benefits business as well as customers for getting their requested information. So register at SaleNavigate and create massaging list for your potential customers and just send. Your products offers will reach to the msg inbox of thousands of customers around you.

E mail Marketing: Reach at desktop of your customer instantly

E mail Marketing: Reach at desktop of your customer instantlyInternet is the fastest growing marketing medium today. Online marketing cheaper and hits your prospects directly. If targeted correctly and message crafted aptly, e-marketing can help you deliver the right content to the right prospect at the right time. At SaleNaviagete we offer unique advantage of creating and running direct Email campaign for your prospective clients. Be it discount sale or festive season sale, brand promotion or new arrivals – all this will promptly reach at shopper’s desktop with email marketing.

If you are still unsure, then here are the reasons, why email marketing is important for you.

1. Global reach: No matter which place you belong to or whom you need to reach, targeted emails reaches everywhere with Email marketing.

2. Lower cost: Costs incurred in designing, executing, testing, sending and receiving an email is much less then inserting paper leaflets. When you add e-mail to your marketing mix, you spend less time, money and resources than with traditional marketing vehicles like direct mail or print advertising.

3. Interactive: At SaleNavigate Shop owner can innovatively initiate campaigns using graphics, videos or, game that will be of interest to your prospect, to grab his attention and interest immediately.

4. Highly personalized: Email enables you to personalize and greet every prospective customer. Create mailer list from shopping community and create a special bond with the prospects.

5. Round the clock marketing: With email marketing shop owner can mail details and images at any given time. There is no restriction of timing. You will be always in touch with target audience, whenever you want.

6. Measurable results: Special tools are available that accurately measure click-through rate, conversion rate, how a person one arrived at your website, and more, to enable you to assess the success of different email campaigns.

Online marketing is a high response and opportunistic medium for communicating with customers, and Email marketing is best way of online marketing. Go ahead, initiate targeted e-marketing and see your sales grow. Many of your competitors are doing it already!

So come to Salenavigate, join Shop owner’s chain, run your own email marketing and get your sales rising day after day.

Save Money with Value Shopping

Save Money with Value ShoppingOnline shopping has become easier and convenient because of the internet. Now you do not have to run from one shop to another in search of quality products of your choice. You can visit websites which bring you a range of products under the one roof. Just with few clicks, you can get the best discount offers at your neighborhood retail store.  Because of cut-throat competition these days, most online shopping portals offer money saving offers and discounts in terms of discount coupon codes. You can use them while purchasing products from near by retail store and avail the benefits of discounts.

Now the question is where will you find the coupons that can help you save money? If you explore the internet, you will see hosts of deal listing websites offering various online coupons. You can get various ranges of coupons for various products and services.

Promotional coupons have many special offers from the big brands. You can get discounts on any of the products like, clothes, home appliances, footwear, mobile phonescomputers & PeripheralsJewellery & Gems products, grocery etc. You can use a discount coupon for availing the benefits of promotional offers.

These coupons help the consumers to avail coupons_discounts.php on their purchases online. On the other hand, they also help the business merchants to get huge savings while they make any purchase in bulk. Now many websites offer such promotional coupon that you can choose from several discount deals and decide which one is suitable to you.

If you want to get coupons online and learn about them, subscribe to the email newsletters of coupon websites. At you will find best deals on various shopping categories with online as well printable discount coupons. This will keep you updated about the best deals, latest offers and discounts. You can also get direct emails and catalogs from online stores that carry such online coupons. Keep visiting such websites such as because special offers and coupons are valid for certain period of time and after that, they expire. So get all the related information from the websites by visiting them regularly.

When it comes to making a purchase of products by using coupon codes, you can compare the products and discounts offered by different retailers listed on the website, so that you come to know which one is best for you. Whatever it may be, always keep updated with the latest news about the products and the latest discount offers so that you can grab the opportunity and save on your budget when you shop online.

Save on Shopping with Local Discount Coupons

Save on Shopping with Local Discount CouponsSaving is important for any high class or low class people. Actually if seen world wide class doesn’t matter for savings. In today’s expensive life style, everyone needs to save money. Coupon is one of the most saving clips for every shopper. Customers love to save even a single penny while shopping. Coupon admires consumer to save from one rupee to 1000 rupee.

Many consumers are the regular user of coupons to take benefits that offered. Savings may vary from different retailers to retailers. Big retailers offer high discount online coupons and small retailer offer small discount coupons.

Coupons are favorable for both consumers and retailers on account of expansion of sales and saves money in a healthy business competition.Online discount coupons are used by online shopper lovers yet to save money. Online coupons are being used by most manufacturers as a marketing strategy to attract customer. These coupons not only save your money, but also find money clench deals, special offers and discounts and free gifts on certain retailer coupons.

There are many shopping sites offering online discount coupons for consumers to save on each shopping. While choosing online coupon sites, consider that site should have hot and fresh coupons. Many sites never update there coupons, in that case consumer may be in loss by acquiring expiry date coupons. So, be wise while having online discount coupons.

It’s difficult to unravel which would be better deal or which can be worst. The best way to choose that online discount coupon site which regularly update offer and discount coupons. By using this strategy you will definitely get the right deal and coupon.

I suggest if wants to have some ample saving then one should go for online discount is one of the excellent site offering fresh free online discount coupons. These discount coupons can help you lot in secure saving money without wasting your much time.

Enjoy the shopping bonanza

Save Money with Value ShoppingPlanning for upcoming wedding in the family! It simply means lots of shopping, gifts, apparelsjewellery and what not! But at the same time is not budget bothering you? Hunting for some temptingdiscount coupons? Are you willing to buy more out of less and do not want to compromise on the quality either! Then is just the place you would not like to miss!

Get yourself registered for free and enjoy the shopping. The more you shop, the more discount you will earn. Treat your shopping with attractive deals, eye-catching offers and attractive gift vouchers. We not only pump up your shopping errand but also make it exciting!

With our website, be the first one to know about the scheduledsales in your nearest local stores. Just ping us your dwelling place and we will furnish your shopping expedition with lots more new places to explore! We know the correct value of your money thus help you in spending it wisely.

For all you lazy bones who do not want to leave your pc and hang around, we have brought the entire shopping store right at your desktop. Just type in what you want and select your pick! You can pay online and expect the delivery within a week’s time straight at your doorsteps. Was shopping that easy ever before?

If you are really feeling lucky today then it is the time to source in our website. We announcediscounts and deals on various products every day. You never know you might crack some fantastic gifts for your self or your spouse and make your day!

Get connected with thousand of people who have benefitted from our website and share your shopping experience with them! Introduce us to your friends and win a free t-shirt for your self! Our customers are valuable to us. Whether want to shop local or looking for striking online deals, is just the place for all. Happy Go Shopping!

Discount Coupons: Go for value shopping with printable and coupons code

Save Money with Value ShoppingWhat on this earth could be more joyous than shopping? And if this eventful errand is accompanied by discount coupons then the experience is ultimate! Wondering how to crack these fantastic shopping tools? Just source in and you will indeed find your answer there!

Bygone the days when you had to wander in crowded streets for hours to get your best pick. Online stores have brought all that those huge markets had to offer, right at your desktop. You just have to type in the category you want to shop and the website will showcase every available brand in that sort. Electronic goods, mobiles, jewellery, accessories, the website has it all. Whether you want to shop online from a particular showroom or looking forward to try out some newbie, our database is well versed with all the information that you want to seek.

Whether you put up in shopper’s paradise Delhi or glamorous Bombay is what completes your address, we can treat you with the best deals going around in your city. We are the first and the best in providing the accurate information on the impending sales on popular brands, running offers and stock clearing sales also.

Do you have some favourite brands whose sales you eagerly wait for? Waiting task is over then! Just plug in our website, get your self registered for free and tell us which brand thrills your shopping binge. We will let you know the ongoing offers over that brand in every store in and around your vicinity! Shop from our site and be our privileged customer! We will fill your shopping cart with oodles of gift hampers, vouchers, discount coupons and lot more. Tell your friends about us and let your doors open for number of free gifts to come in!

We value the money and the time of our customers. Therefore unlike any online store, we reinforce accountability, quality and timely deliveries to our customer. So don’t waste any more time, source in and find much more than your expectations.

Explore the web create your Online Store

Save Money with Value ShoppingBad weather, blazing heat, is what keeping your potential customers from visiting your store. Even after spending thousands on advertising you are not getting the desired response? Are you competitors in spite of having poor quality products, making more business than you? If you want to make your store a brand itself, willing to see sudden hike in profits, eager to reach the mass, then get yourself listed with !

We have the potential to transform your average going local shop into a rocking online store. You will not have to spend a single penny to become the part of our strong network. Just get yourself registered, list out your products in our category and from the very next moment you will find the demands and orders rushing into your account books!

Once you are registered, you can create an online profile of your store where in you can list the products and the brands you are dealing with. Moreover, now there is no need to spend your hard-earned money in publicising for the annual sales. You can directly send the information to your potential clients on their emails or through sms. Whatever offer you are planning to commence, you just have to update that in your profile and your job is done. The audience will automatically be directed to your store, virtually and personally!

We help you to grow in your business by keeping you well versed with the ongoing sales and latest merchandizing strategies. Stay informed and takes the timely calls to maintain the heavy flow of customers into your store. Expand your business by inviting your fellow shopkeepers to join you in your online store hence raising the visibility of your store.

Stock up in abundance because with our website you will not only receive the calls from the local residents but also the orders from the distant customers. Do not waste time! Pull up your socks and get ready as it’s the time for business!

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